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August 17, 2020 - Bikes and Beards?

Often when people see my picture for the first time, they'll say: "You've got a beard. You're a biker, of course you have a beard."

Well, I'm not sure how much of a "biker" I am, more of a motorcyclist if you ask me, but I digress.

The beard has nothing to do with motorcycles or being a biker at all. I'm a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts. Some years ago, the meeting before Thanksgiving, some of the boys suggested I grow a beard. I replied, "Let's put it up for a vote!"

As luck would have it, the troop voted unanimously that I should stop shaving and what do you know, a beard magically appeared on my face (not instantly, but you get the picture).

Each year before Thanksgiving, the boys vote on whether the beard stays or goes.

I still have the beard.

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