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August 27, 2020 - Big Day, Bigger Day

Big day.

Spent some time at TOTW Intergalactic HQ today. It was hot, but not scorching hot, thank goodness.

Met up with Spencer, a subscriber and Patreon supporter to give him a tour of the sweat lodge and two-wheeled stable, along with the world famous Tripp On Two Wheels livestream broadcast studio. When the weather cools down a bit, Spencer may lend a hand holding a camera for a video or two or assist with a little wrenching on upcoming projects.

Following, we made our way down the street to a little Thai place I used to frequent pre-Covid. I hadn't eaten there in five months and it was the first time I'd sat down to eat at a sit-down restaurant in that same time. It felt a bit strange, but it felt real good. A warm bowl of Massaman curry never hurts anyone. :)

Now the sun's down, the temperature's on the slide, the dog's on the couch by my side and I'm watching a livestreamed concert by The Steep Canyon Rangers, one of my favorite bands.

Hoping to shoot one, maybe two, videos tomorrow if it doesn't get too hot too fast - one with a few product recommendations; the other soliciting advice on my Fat Bob conundrum. Maybe a bigger day.

Ride safe and ride often people.


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