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About Me:


I've been interested in motorcycles forever, which is particularly odd, because when young I didn't know a soul who had one. After a million hints tossed like dud grenades in his direction, my father finally forked out $99 for a Sears mini-bike my brother and I aptly nicknamed "Spinecrusher." And so at age ten, a life-long passion hatched.


Fearing irrepairable spinal compression, I graduated to a $300 Kawasaki KZ90 mini-enduro a couple years later.  The thing actually had a pliable seat and shock absorbers. What a difference $201 makes.

Trail riding one day I discovered an amateur motocross group that raced not far from our house. On a borrowed Honda Elsinore 125, and later a Suzuki TM250, I tried my hand at competition and quickly discovered I'd be a champion no time soon. 

Ninth grade saw me trade the Kawi for a 50cc Honda Express and a 12-foot jon boat. One was handy for the paper route, the other for fishing. I'll let you decide which was which. 

Over the years I'd ridden a fair number of bikes on and off and helped friends work on theirs, but didn't own one myself. Then, roughly ten years ago I rediscovered my love of motorcycles and a passion for riding. 

I now live on the edge of the Texas Hill Country - a wonderful place to ride if it isn't hotter than hell or thunder-storming like there's no tomorrow. I've got scenic River Road, the Devil's Backbone, the famous Three Sisters and 31,000 square miles (or 80,289.6942967 square km) of great riding country.

Today my focus is on cruising and when the weather turns cool, touring. I'm what you might call a novice wrencher, but I'm learning more everyday. Life is an adventure and motorcycling has once again become a major part of mine. 

My goal is to take you with me as I ride and learn, and to share my experiences through my daily blog and weekly YouTube videos. The blog is about anything going on in my life worth mentioning (you be the judge), and the videos range from reviews to how-to's to tips & tricks, to just having you come along for the ride.  Although my goal is a video per week, I do have a full-time job so bear with me if I stray from that schedule now and then. 

So please subscribe to my YouTube channel, check out my daily blog, and join the adventure.

Thanks for being here,


And now, some menial facts...

Name: Tripp

Location: Texas Hill Country

Occupation: Still workin' on it.

Hobbies: Bikes, Riding, Camping, Fishing, Scouting, Making videos

Favorite Sport: College Football (edging out ice curling and corn hole)

Favorite Food: Anything made of lobster.

Favorite Beer: Free

Second Favorite Beer: Cold

Favorite Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Favorite Stooge: Shemp

First "Bike": Sears Mini-bike with 2.5hp Tecumseh. "Spinecrusher"

Dream Bike: 2018 Harley Heritage Classic or a Triumph Thunderbird LT, not sure which.

Favorite YouTube Biking Channels: John Maxwell, Fortnine, Saddletramp, Chase on Two Wheels,         Itchy Boots (Yay Noraly!)

Spirit Animal:  Hugh Hefner

Super Powers:  Spanish, juggling,  and stone skipping

Greatest Achievement:  Voted Class Clown in high school - all four years

Ginger or Mary Ann?:  Both. Definitely.

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