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You're invited to join the Tripp On Two Wheels Patreon family and help fund the creation of entertaining, informative and educational video and blog content while receiving additional benefits available only to Patreon supporters such as:  Early viewing of videos, a supporters only Facebook page, supporters only interactive livestreams, acknowledgment of your support in videos, access to the Track Tripp page, and free merchandise. To learn more or become a supporter, please click the Patreon button below.               
Any and all support is greatly needed and appreciated. 


Shortly after I started the Tripp On Two Wheels YouTube channel, several subscribers asked if they could assist financially. At the time I thought it was no big deal. Feeling quite humbled,I replied that although I was grateful, their help wouldn't be necessary. I thanked them and moved on.
Forward fast two years and I've realized running a motorcycling YouTube channel is anything but cheap.  Laptops, cameras, mounts, SD cards, editing software, gasoline, insurance, products to review, storage unit rental, etc. add up fast. Coupled with the Covid-19 calamity and subsequent decimation of my small business (not eligible for PPP loans or unemployment), it was either reach out for support or shut down the YouTube and webpage efforts. I've chosen the former. I hope you understand.
Thanks for listening and your consideration of support.


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