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August 1, 2020 - Behind the Scenes

Filmed a walk-around video on the '09 Dyna Fat Bob in the oppressive heat today. Thought I'd escape by getting an early start, but not to be. As usual, there's always a pile of "pre-shoot" work to be done and it took a bit longer than I'd bargained for.

At the scene of the crime I found three uninhabited spaces side-by-side under the RV shade that looked promising. Took my gear over, got the Fat Bob and had at it. Stayed nice and "cool" for the most part, but wouldn't ya know Lady Luck didn't stay with me long.

Turns out about half the video shot was out of "white balance." In other words, the GoPro didn't like the bright background of the sun clashing with the shade under the RV shed. The result was video with a very bright background and a black Fat Bob in dark shadows. Ugh.

Ended up having to re-shoot roughly half of what was in the can, out in the sun on the asphalt, roasting away like a Thanksgiving turkey (me, not the bike).

So when time permits I'll be editing the video and putting it up on YouTube. Hope things come out well.

Isn't she purty?

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