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August 13, 2020 - 5 Must-Have Mods under $10

"Mods" is a word than conjures up visions of in-depth and expensive alterations to one's bike. However, mods can be simple add-ons or carry-withs that can be quite inexpensive, yet make a major impact on your riding experience. Five of my favorites (in no particular order) are:

1) Motorcycle Cruise Assist by Crampbuster - A small, durable plastic paddle that clips to your throttle hand grip. Instead of having to exert constant tension (muscle exertion) on the throttle, the Cruise Assist allows you to achieve the same with just the weight of your palm. Not necessary for bar-hoppers and bobber riders who can't stay on a bike longer than fifteen minutes, but a lifesaver for those of us who commonly ride 50+ miles at a stretch. The next best thing to a cruise control itself. Costs $9.99

2) USB Charger by Battery Tender - Not much bigger than a thumb drive, this super-lightweight accessory plugs into your battery tender cable and sports a USB outlet on the opposing end. Perfect for charging your cell-phone and other other must-have with a USB port. Stores anywhere. Cost - $9.99. A slightly (very slighter) larger version includes a LED digital voltage readout to check on your battery's charge and condition for about five bucks more.

3) Kickstand Puck - Super handy anytime you need to throw down your kickstand on any dodgy or less that ideal parking surface. Great for keeping your bike upright and your gas tank out of the gravel (and the paint shop). About 3x5-inches for your metric ride, about twice the size for a Harley or other larger cruiser. Made by numerous manufacturers. Mine cost $6.99

4) Blindspot Mirrors - Great for keeping an eye on rear-approaching traffic. Be careful, there are some really crappy offerings out there that are too small and/or have backing that deteriorate in a flash. Buy a quality brand made of real glass and not smaller than 1-3/4-inches in diameter, and check star-ratings on Amazon before buying. Don't make the mistake I did at first. The mirrors on my second go-round are great: 2-inch diameter blind-spot mirrors by Essential Contraptions. Cost $9.99 for a package of four. Bonus!!

5) Digital Tire Pressure Gauge by Astro AI- Tired of inaccurate readings by "cheap" discount and abused gas station tire air pressure gauges? I was, but not since I picked of these babies. Easy to use, LED lit tip so you can see what you're doing in the dark, back-lit LCD digital readout, small (about 4 x 1.5 inches) and accurate as can be. Even knows to turn itself off when you're done using it. Cost $9.88

I'm always open to discovering more affordable must-haves like those above. What are some of your favorites? Please register here on the blog page so you can give me your comments and input.

Thanks mucho.

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06 nov 2020

Hey Tripp posting as Texasguy on YouTube, got a few tips for you on the 2015 Deluxe.

I am going to post a link to a service manual

Me gusta
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