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August 16, 2020 - Not Lookin' Good

I'm a big train fan. Particularly passenger trains. I've taken a number of long-distance trips on Amtrak over the years and really love this sort of travel. Living not far from a busy train track, if I'm lucky I get to see two Amtrak trains go by each day.

Normally the train headed east each morning has ten cars: Two locomotives, a baggage car, two sleeper cars, a dining car, a lounge car, and three coach cars. This morning the train only had seven. One less sleeper, one less coach car, and one less locomotive for the lighter load.

Whether it's a function of Covid or the continued decline of passenger train travel in the US (probably both), it's just plain sad.

I highly recommend an overnight (sleeper car) train trip to anyone and everyone. There's not a more enjoyable, more relaxing, more novel way to enjoy a journey.

Try it soon. Before it's too late.

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