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August 18, 2020 - Planning the Big Ride

Spending a bit of time taking stock on what I need to get and/or get accomplished before I head off to parts unknown on my potential 8-day road trip.

Here's the plan so far:

  1. Looks like I'm headed to Wichita, KS

  2. 2-3 days up (200 miles per day), 2 days there, 2-3 days back. May route myself back through Tulsa as there's no sense seeing (and videoing) the same scenery twice.

  3. Ride a route west of I-35 up, and an eastern route back (will be avoiding interstates the entire way as I'm not fan).

  4. Taking the Vulcan S as it's best equipped for long distance riding.

  5. Vlog the whole way, while there, and back. Livestreams when stopped if feasible.

  6. Finish each day before the oppressive heat melts my brain.

  7. Share my real-time progress (while moving) via Garmin Satellite communicator.

Here's what I need to get/get done before I leave:

  1. Get Corbin seat re-worked (tallest pole in the tent)

  2. Check brake pads

  3. Change coolant

  4. Install floorboards

  5. Swap out good blind-spot mirrors for the crappy ones still on the bike.

  6. Acquire some inexpensive rain gear.

  7. Map out exact route, plan stops, find hotels and sites worth visiting along the way.

  8. Get website 100% in working order.

Hoping to ride in early September. We'll see.

Also hoping many of you will follow me along the way (virtually, that is).

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