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August 20, 2020 - Planning the Big Ride

Spent a little time fine tuning plans for my Kansas trip. Not sure yet when I'll be leaving (within the month for sure), but I've got a loose agenda worked out. The entire trip should last nine to ten days.

I plan on leaving San Antonio and being on the road three days en route to Wichita, KS with probably overnights in Stephenville, TX and Chickasha, OK. Will then spend two days in Wichita, visiting a couple dealerships and a few attractions. Then a day to Tulsa with a two day stopover and another two to three days home with probably overnights in Athens or Corsicana, TX.

Talked with Corbin on re-packing my seat (want just a bit more padding as my butt doesn't have much), and they indicated it would be 30-35 days before I'd get it back so no dice there. My current seat will get me 100 miles of comfort at a stretch, but I'd really like a bit more than that. Truth of the matter is, between food, tourist and gas stops, I ought to do fine.

Now to line up a cadre of flea-less flea-bag hotels with strong wi-fi to find out how much the sojourn is going to cost this broke knucklehead.

More to come...

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