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August 22, 2020 - Changing Coolant and Other Things

For some reason Piaggio products (Vespa/Aprilia/Piaggio) come from the factory with a coolant that is known to break down into a corrosive within 4-5 years. Left to its own devices, this aging elixir will corrode the drain plug (which aren't sold separately) and do very bad things to your two-wheeler.

So, it's time to change the coolant in the both the BV350 and the GTS300.

I've got everything I need for both bikes except water-pump o-rings which I'll need to order from either ScooterWest or AF1Racing, and I'll get that sorted out on Tuesday.

Wondering whether or not to make videos of the change/flush on both bikes. There seems to be enough coverage on the Vespa, but not a BV 350 dedicated video. These videos never seem to get much play, but I think it's important to have such knowledge available to the public, so I'll probably end up uploading at least something on the subject.

The Kansas trip seems to be constantly changing. Tulsa now looks to be out, the Ozarks now look to be in. I may swing south through Arkansas and meet up with The Cockney Biker and ride to Shreveport/Bossier City, where I lived as a kid and haven't seen in decades.


A half gallon of motorcycle anti-corrosive coolant is $22.00 on Amazon. It's $7.99/quart ($16.00/half gallon) at my local Kawasaki dealer. I went in to buy some today, and without even asking, the Parts/Service Department manager knocked down the price and only charged me $5.00/quart. Picked up three quarts, enough to do both the Piaggio and Vespa.

I love my dealership!

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