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August 23, 2020 - Facebook and Motorcycling

Like it or hate it, Facebook has probably done more to promote motorcycling, at least organized motorcycling, than any other entity I can imagine.

Whether you own a moped, mini-bike, cafe' racer or bagger, and no matter the brand, you can find a social group, a technical advice group and a parts for sale/trade group based on it.

There's nary a question that can't be answered, a part that can't be found on a Facebook group.

Looking to make friends who own your same two-wheeler or to find a group ride? Facebook is the answer.

In my opinion, Facebook has done more for the motorcycling community than a Harley dealership two-for-one sale.

Own a 70 year old Harley? Facebook group. 1976 Honda CB350? Facebook group. Parts for a Cushman scooter? Facebook group. Need someone to talk you out of buying a Ural? You get the idea.

At least Zuckerberg got something right.

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