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August 25, 2020 - The Fat Bob Conundrum

Before Mr. Covid came to town I had accumulated a few duds for Mr. Fat Bob (thank you Mr. eBay). The first of which is an HD swing arm bag because I need more "luggage" capacity than my windshield bag provides, and I'm too cheap to score some saddlebags for the old fellow.

The second is an HD sissybar/backrest/luggage rack I picked up to do some occasional two-up riding, and the luggage rack could of course provide additional luggage space.

As I don't plan on much long-distance riding with Bob, I don't need THAT much carrying capacity - just enough room for a cell-phone, keys, some GoPro junk, a handful of tools and gadgets, and a water bottle or two.

Enter the conundrum.

To mount the swingarm bag, the passenger foot pegs must be removed from the bike, making two-up riding a no-go and defeating much of the backrest/rack's purpose. Grrr.

In my opinion, the bike looks better without the backrest/rack, but I could use the benefits. however, the bike looks MUCH better with just the swingarm bag, but it may be slightly lacking.

Of course the happy medium would be to install both, forget two-up and not give a hoot about appearances.

None of this would be a problem if the Fat Bob wasn't just so damned good lookin'.

Decisions, decisions.

Any input appreciated.

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