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August 29, 2020 - Fresh as a Pine Tree

Ahh... The smell of that little pine tree shaped air-freshener. You know, the one that reminds you you're riding in a beater or you should have stopped smoking years ago?

Famous for inhabiting convenience store check-outs, our little *ahem* fresh-smelling friends are billed as having an effective half-life of seven weeks swinging from a rear-view mirror.

In a scene straight out of "Repo Man," I was gassing up the Vulcan S a few days ago and discovered a treasure trove of these little aromatic beauties laying in a parking spot next to the twenty-five cent, I'll-stop-before-you're-finished, tire pressure hose.

The first thought that rattled through my vacuous noggin was, "Wow! I've never seen so many of these in one place and one time." My second was, "God I'm glad I don't ride in that dude's car." And the third: "What sort of idiot would stock-pile 15 dead air fresheners in his car, or better yet, I'd like to kick his ass for them trashing in the parking lot.

Fifteen I counted, and at seven weeks a pop, that's a solid two years of automotive freshness no matter how you look at it.

I just have to remind myself it takes us all to keep the world spinning.

Or does it?

rear view mirror.

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Sep 03, 2020

Now that I think about it, I’ve only seen those in a smoker’s car.


Sep 01, 2020

Those things kill my sinuses, can't stand 'em. lol but interesting piece man!

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