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August 3, 2020 - Hey Kool-Aid!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Having two myself, I’ll be the first to admit there’s just something special about owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Nothing looks like one, nothing rides like one, and nothing sounds like one. It’s hard to describe and impossible to deny. Holding title to a Harley also “admits” you to a club, or rather a brotherhood of folks who will offer their friendship, come to your aid, and more or less have your back if you ever find yourself in a two-wheeled pickle.

That being said, there comes a time when Joe Harley ought to put down the Koolaid.

This Harley owner also happens to own a Kawasaki, two Italian bikes, and longs for a Triumph, (all of which in their own way will run circles around a Harley) and strongly believes a biker ought to be a fan of the code and lifestyle first, and his/her brand allegiance second. Trust me, you can experience two-wheeled freedom or die like a man on any motorcycle – not just a Harley.

Sadly, I often hear Joe Harley putting down “Jap crap,” and "Euro junk" while bearing witness to the testament that if it isn’t a Harley, or American made, you shouldn’t be on it.

So, just how American made is Harley?

It’s true, most Harley Davidsons are assembled in the USA. However, they are also made in Manaus Brazil, and Bawai India, with a Thai factory scheduled to open soon. Some Harleys use Showa suspension components (Jap crap), brake and clutch parts from Italy (Euro junk), pistons from Austria, and hundreds of various electrical components from China and the rest of Asia.

Adding insult to injury, the motor clothes Joe Harley proudly wears to display his Harley-first-and-only pride (unless his gear is 40 years old) are made in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

Joe’s Harley helmet? It’s either made by HJC (Korea), KBC (Malaysia) or AVG (Italy).

It's odd how I can name dozens of once-Harley riders who now have an Indian (you know, the other American made bike) parked in the garage, while I've yet to hear of just one Indian owner who's done the opposite.

I could go on...

Joe, sorry to bust your balls, but it’s probably time you put down the Kool-Aid and focus on biker pride and respecting anyone of the two-wheeled brotherhood, rather than burying your wardrobe, bike, and lifestyle, one piece, part, and thread at time.

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