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August 30, 2020 - Sampson who?

My beard hovers around twelve millimeters in length. I know this because my trimmer attachment reads 12mm. When trimming my beard this attachment is in place. When trimming my neckline, etc., it's removed, leaving the un-governed hair-mowing blades to do their thing.

As I trim my neckline more frequently than trimming my beard, the attachment is often left off the trimmer.

Many times I've thought how funny it would be if I grabbed the attachment-less trimmer (before completely waking up and coming to my senses) and sent a big swath of beard to purgatory before I had any realization of what I was doing. And then I wonder, "How many swaths would I take to understand what was going on and stop?"

How would I look with a big racing stripe down one cheek? As well all know, bikers MUST have beards, so like a shorn Sampson would I lose a significant percentage of my motorcycling powers?

I can now, with confidence, answer those questions:

1) One swath is enough to shock you into your senses.

2) The racing stripe looks pretty stupid.

3) I'm not sure about power loss; I haven't been out to ride yet.

4) It may not be all that funny as I'm not laughing... Yet.

There will be no pictures.

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