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August 8, 2020 - Odd Motorcycle Laws Around the Globe

If you think motorcycle riding laws are strange where you live, check these out. It's hard to believe, but what you are about to read is actually true.


It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle or scooter with your headlight on during daylight hours. Any bike with daytime running lights in Cambodia but be modified so they can be turned off.


It’s illegal to ride a motorcycle with just one hand on the handlebars.


In Alberta it is illegal to stand up while riding. So much for your MSF instruction on crossing railroad tracks...


In London it’s illegal to have sex on a “parked” motorcycle. No mention of sex on a moving motorcycle.


Modifications of ANY sort (even changing handlebar grips) are illegal. However, they don’t enforce this law for some reason. Really?

It’s also illegal to ride a motorcycle across a bridge or through a tunnel in Thailand. Guess what - they don’t enforce this one either.


In Spain it’s illegal to ride a motorcycle with an intercom (either on the bike or in your helmet). I'm thinking this might have something to do with cell phones.


Some states in the US that do not require you to wear a helmet, DO require you to wear eye protection.


Some Indian states require a helmet for the rider only; no requirement for the pillion. Maybe it’s thought only someone really hardheaded would opt to be a passenger?

Strange but true.

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