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July 15, 2020 - Build-a-Website Day!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Last night I had a great idea - why not build a Tripp On Two Wheels website? So this morning after liberating a #6 with a large unsweetened iced tea from McDonalds, I sat down and did it... or at least started it. After eight hours of work things are coming along nicely (in my tech-idiot eyes anyhow). I'm slowly figuring out what to do and not pounding my head against the wall too often. I'm using WIX and surprisingly it's pretty easy so far. I tried building a site with WIX a few years ago and my main gripe was WIX not having ANY telephone support. It all had to be done by work ticket and email - which was incredibly frustrating. However, WIX instituted phone support a while back so this time the experience has actually been enjoyable.

The only real pain so far is that the web domain is parked with a different company than WIX, and getting that address to point to this new site may take some doing.

Today was a good day for this. It's 95-degrees outside heading for 100. I really shouldn't complain though - it was 106-degrees yesterday and 108 the day before. Yay, Texas.

Three things I've done constructive during this Coronavirus mess are paying off. 1) I've been focusing more on the Tripp On Two Wheels YouTube channel (averaging one new video per week). 2) Been losing weight - now down 27.2 lbs. in the last two months, simply by not exceeding 1500 calories a day. It's amazing what you'll do when you can't see the zipper on your riding jacket! And, 3) I've been studying the ol' Spanish about 30 minutes each day. Donde' estan mis tacos, ya'll?

Back to the website...

Believe it or not, I got WIX and Godaddy on a three-way call a couple hours ago and got my situation addressed. The bad thing is: I won't be able to see the new website online for 24-48 hours. The good thing is: I can still build and edit the new site none-the-less.

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