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July 20, 2020 - Milestone Achieved

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

My scale loves me. Exactly 30 lbs. down as of this morning. I think I've been at it just shy of 10 weeks now so I'm pretty happy with my results so far.

Just 30 more to go. :)

Another nice milestone was realizing yesterday's video was the 80th I've posted since I started my YouTube channel. Lots of work, but fun work, and it gives one a sense of accomplishment that's for sure.

My one disappointment was not being able to ride this past weekend, but shooting three videos and editing one will do that to a guy.

About noon today I got that eBay flourish sound on the ol' cell phone signalling a message from the dude I bought the Dyna Fat Bob backrest from. He apologized for not having it in the mail yet, to which I responded, "no problemo." This turned out to be a very good thing, as I remembered he was also selling a brand new Harley Dyna Sundowner seat (with passenger seat) on eBay for $235 (new they are close to $400 with tax and shipping).

While giving him the ol' no problemo, I took a gamble and offered him $150 for the thing, and suggested he might save money when shipping it combined with the backrest. Surprisingly, he agreed, and BOOM. Now I've got a matching new seat and passenger backrest assembly for $275, where it would have cost close to $850 new. Do I smell an install video coming on? I'll have to find a bikini-clad babe to take for a test ride. THEN I'll have a video.

And in continuing the hunt for bargains... I emailed Garmin today and requested a sponsorship - A Garmin In-Reach Mini and a satellite subscription so that I can get the "Track Tripp" page up and running. Not holding my breath, but we'll see. Gotta head to the shed and start up the bikes in a few minutes. It's 7:00 PM and still 97-degrees out so I won't be there long.

Ride safe and ride often people!

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