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July 21, 2020 - And I'm Not Even Irish!

Damned did I get lucky. Incredibly lucky. Luckier than lucky.

Last night I swung by the "garage" to start the bikes and when arriving I noticed THE METAL DOOR WAS WIDE OPEN. Needless to say, a moment of panic ensued.

Like a spooked deer from a county road I jumped out of my car, dashed the fifteen feet to the unit and frantically took a visual scan of the situation. Bikes? Tools? GoPro stuff?

Amazingly, not a thing was missing. In fact, nothing at all had been touched.

Post massive sigh of relief, I noticed both of my circular door locks were perched atop the fire extinguisher cabinet on the wall outside my door, exactly where I had left them the evening before. So amazingly lucky, I thought.

I figured things out. When at the garage, I normally drive just past my unit's roll-up door so that my tail gate clears it by five or six feet. Parked like so, the door is out of my field of vision. To get in the summer, It's common for me to hop in the car for a few minutes and cool off in the AC. And that's exactly what I had done the day before, EXCEPT I simply drove off with the door unlocked and wide open.

The one thing more amazing than my luck here is how honest some folks are. In an average 24-hour period, at least 100 vehicles (many of them pickups) drive slowly past my unit. Any one of them could have had the nice "score" of a tool chest, a GoPro camera or what-have-you.

The remedy for my carelessness? From now on I'm making it a point to pull up and park just short of my "garage" so I'll always have the door in front of, and visible to me, decreasing the odds of me pulling this bone-headed move again.

I hope.

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1 Comment

Jul 23, 2020

Whew, close call! It’s good to have faith in humanity restored every once in a while!

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