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July 27, 2020 - A Few Things and More

I've been hovering at thirty pounds down for nearly a week now and it's getting a little old. Time to turn up the heat maybe? Have been sticking to the daily 1500 calories, like glue. Maybe a little more exercise, or a few more visits to the TOTWIHQ (aka The Solar Oven).

I'm excitedly awaiting a few anticipated gifts from the postman. Namely my two eBay scores - the Fat Bob Sundowner seat accompanying sissy bar/mounting brackets/backrest pad.

Still working on a couple kinks here on the website. 1) Getting emails to actually go where they're supposed to, and 2) getting the "Track Tripp" page up and running. I've got the "InReach" device in hand and Garmin is 95% back up following their ransomware attack, so hopefully I can get both of these successfully addressed tomorrow.

Damned my dog (super cool female Boxer named Scout) is getting fat. Maybe we both need to exercise a tad more (bells going off in head).

I getting so sick of the Texas heat I'm about ready to pull my hair out. I've lived here 3/4 of my life and I've not gotten used to it yet. I'm far from it. Summers here are dreadful. And no, our mild "winters" don't make up for it. At least not to me anyhow.

My Kawasaki mechanic friend, Kyle, just returned from vacation today. Think maybe I'll pay him a visit later this week. It's always fun to hang out in the shop. I seem to learn a bit each time I do.

I've got a couple friends who run the "Sailing Into Freedom" YouTube channel (check them out, they're great). They're quarantining a few weeks off Panama's coast (Gulf of Mexico side). Talked to them on the phone for an hour or so today. They seem to be having a ball. Oh if only I could...

I'm getting the itch to take a lengthy two-wheeled road trip to somewhere. Just haven't quite figured out where, but it will be within the next month if I decide to do so. Ideas, ideas.

That's about it; I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for checking in folks!

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Jul 31, 2020

Sounds like you need to fly (or drive) north for the summer! A ride through the Rocky Mountains would be awesome to watch!

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