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July 30, 2020 - Updates and a Shout-out

A few bits of news...

The items I had been expecting in the mail have finally arrived! The Sundowner seat and sissy bar/backrest/rack combo for the Fat Bob showed up on the porch about an hour ago. Took a peek inside and all looks good (mostly). I was expecting chrome brackets for the sissy bar mount and received black ones with peeling paint instead... So I'll be looking to cheaply replace these when possible.

It looks like I finally have all the kinks worked out of the new website! Until today, emails sent to didn't go there. In fact I have no clue where they were going. Probably just floating around in hyperspace somewhere. So if by chance you had tried to sign up to receive my daily blog entries and haven't been receiving them, please try registering on this blog page again. I know, a pain the rear, but it is what it is...

The main reason the email is now correctamundo is because of an extremely helpful lass at Wix Customer Service named Monica. I spent well over an hour working with her to get the issues resolved and she proved to be incredibly knowledgeable and about as friendly as can be! Wix needs to hire 1000 more people just like her. Maybe I should put her in charge of things at Tripp On Two Wheels? I'd probably get 3x the videos uploaded and they'd all be champs. Hey Monica thank you so much! Want a job?

That's it for now people. Time to search ebay from some chrome brackets and then go for a ride.

Hasta pronto!

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