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July 31, 2020 - Tracking into Trouble

Today my grand plan was to ride around Canyon Lake, just west of New Braunfels, Texas and lay down 150+ miles of "Track Tripp" bread crumbs for the Garmin 66i tand a few of you Tripp On Two Wheels followers to feast on. I decided a little change of pace was in order and hopped on the Piaggio BV350, which is probably the most enjoyable bike to ride that I own (super flickable, automatic, 85 mph top speed, only 390 lbs , and very comfortable to ride).

My thought was to make it to Startzville and stop for a bite (25 miles), then round the lake (100 miles), and then head home (another 25 miles).

Get to Startzville, check. Stop for lunch, check. Eat lunch, check. Feel cool breeze on my back (I was sitting outside facing south). Turn around, see massive wall of dark t-storm doom headed straight for me, check??

Oh the best laid plans...

Finished my lunch (only 440 calories - still losing weight), watched the lightning a few minutes and then beat it for home. Only put 58 miles on the clock, but it was a fun 58 on the BV. Be sure to visit the "Track Tripp" page here on the site for all the dirty details

Well thanks for stopping by. Time for bed - big day tomorrow.

Adios amigos.


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