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September 2, 2020 - A Day Late and and $5,500 Dollars Short

I've long wanted a Triumph Thunderbird LT. Last month I found a "very affordable" Triumph Thunderbird LT. Excellent condition. Priced at $5,500 and $1,500 under retail book value. Local.

The bike is everything I want. Super comfortable riding position and seat, great power, ABS brakes, configured for touring, low miles, and 100 lbs. lighter than anything else in its class.

After a month of wishing I could afford the thing decided to pull the trigger and then immediately put the Fat Bob up for sale which should easily bring me $7,500-$8000. I called the dealership and scheduled a test ride the following day (which would have been today). I was excited.

I spent yesterday perusing Thunderbird reviews, joining a Thunderbird forum and two Facebook pages and drooling over the dealer's ad. I even fished out my checkbook to cap off what I was confident would be a great test ride. I was getting more than excited.

Then after dinner I had the urge to drool once more and pulled up the dealer's website once again. WTF? I was greeted with only a blank page, emblazoned with: "We're sorry, but this unit is no longer in stock."

I called the next morning to confirm the bad news. The 'Bird had indeed flown the coop.


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