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September 3, 2020 - Progress, Progress, Progress

Today was a good day.

I'm making steady progress readying for the Big Ride to Kansas and parts unknown. I discovered the Evel Knievel and two motorcycle museums that are a definite must-visit, and a few other places I need to research a bit more. Thinking now about doing a bit more Ozark riding that I had originally planned, but we'll see.

As I'm unable to get the Corbin seat modified before I depart I ended up ordering an Airhawk cushion for the Vulcan S. Got a REV-B Cruiser R in large at a very low price (eBay) which should be here in a couple days.

To add even more comfort to my ride (read less discomfort), I added the Kuryakyn 4357 wrinkle black, ribbed floorboards (and adapter splines #8813) to the Kawi, but ran into a little trouble en route. First, I misplaced one of the damned e-clips or circlips, or retaining ring washers, or whatever you call it, after removing the first foot peg. Looked over half an hour for it and no luck. Argh! Second, it turns out I have very little clearance between the right board and the brake pedal, so I can't angle the thing the way I'd like it (more comfortable). The left side board matches up perfectly with the shift pedal however.

So... I have discovered it is possible to adjust the brake pedal down slightly (I had previously been told it wasn't possible), so I found a service manual to download for FREE, so tomorrow I'll head back to HQ and see if I can make things good.

The missing e-clip? I'm so glad you asked. I'll be taking the remaining clip into my Kawasaki dealership and see if I can end up coming home with a new one.

As a flat-tire preventative I've also tentatively decided to put Slime into both tires before I head out. Just need to confirm it won't cause any wheel balance issues because we all know there's nothing more pleasant than the joy of a wheel vibrating obnoxiously for 1500 miles.

Will let you all know how things turn out.

Until tomorrow...


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