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September 5, 2020 - Aw Shyucks

Living the dream, a man is riding a motorcycle down the Pacific Coast Highway. Suddenly, clouds start to form overhead and he pulls over.

Out of nowhere he hears a booming voice from above: "My son, you have lived a life of virtue, and I am proud of you. Ask anything of me and I will grant it." Astounded, the man thinks a minute then says: "Well I wish I could ride my bike to Hawaii. I wish there was a bridge from California so I could ride there." There was a pause and the voice said: "You know, I can do that. I will quarry the oceans and build a road that will span the Pacific to Hawaii. I can do it, but tell me, is there anything you can think of that will better convey my glory, something that would be worthy of my power?" The man sat and thought a minute and said: "Okay, I wish to understand women. I want to know how they think, what they think, and why they think it. I want to understand their inner workings and what makes them tick." There was a long pause, and the voice above said: "Do you want one lane or two?"

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