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September 7, 2020 - A Few Updates

  1. Today is Labor day here in the US. Yay!

  2. The final component to my attempted Kawasaki Vulcan S "tourer" conversion, an Airhawk REV-B Cruiser Large seat cushion arrived today.

  3. I'm reading that Covid numbers are headed in the right direction, although the holiday weekend was sure to bring out moronic revelers who will assuredly push the numbers in the wrong direction once again.

  4. Talked to a good friend on the phone who just bought another used motorcycle. I'm jealous, and yes, I admit I'm addicted. I wonder if there's a medical term for it?

  5. My sunburn from yesterday isn't as bad as I'd feared. I bombed it with plenty of skin lotion after I got back thank goodness.

  6. My weight is still steady at 213 lbs. I've been eating to maintain lately but I really need to get back on the downward slope.

  7. I need to head to HQ at some point today and tidy up. Things are still a mess after prepping for and returning from fishing yesterday.

  8. High today only in the 80's and I'm hearing a cool front is on the way. Yay.

  9. Watched a little college football (my favorite sport) this weekend. It just isn't the same with quarter-full stadiums. (Insert sad face emoji here).

That's it for now.


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