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September 7, 2020 - A Few Updates

Today is Labor day here in the US. Yay! The final component to my attempted Kawasaki Vulcan S "tourer" conversion, an Airhawk REV-B Cruiser Large seat cushion arrived today. I'm reading that Covid numbers are headed in the right direction, although the holiday weekend was sure to bring out moronic revelers who will assuredly push the numbers in the wrong direction once again. Talked to a good friend on the phone who just bought another used motorcycle. I'm jealous, and yes, I admit I'm addicted. I wonder if there's a medical term for it? My sunburn from yesterday isn't as bad as I'd feared. I bombed it with plenty of skin lotion after I got back thank goodness. My weight is still steady at

September 6, 2020 - Motorcycle What?

I'd been motorcycle camping before, but never motorcycle fishing. So when the forecast called for a high of only 88-degrees for today, I thought it was a good a time to load up the Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 and give it a try. I hit up a private lake, about 30 miles from the hacienda, which was known to hold some decent bass a number of years ago, but hasn't been fished in quite a while, so what could be pulled out of the 96 acre "tank" was a mystery. To add a little excitement, all I took (besides a hat, ice water, a sandwich and a chair) was a Zebco 33 rod and reel combo with minimal tackle. The result? Three very nice bass, a half-dozen more awesome strikes, a bluegill and a wicked sunburn (y

September 5, 2020 - Aw Shyucks

Living the dream, a man is riding a motorcycle down the Pacific Coast Highway. Suddenly, clouds start to form overhead and he pulls over. Out of nowhere he hears a booming voice from above: "My son, you have lived a life of virtue, and I am proud of you. Ask anything of me and I will grant it." Astounded, the man thinks a minute then says: "Well I wish I could ride my bike to Hawaii. I wish there was a bridge from California so I could ride there." There was a pause and the voice said: "You know, I can do that. I will quarry the oceans and build a road that will span the Pacific to Hawaii. I can do it, but tell me, is there anything you can think of that will better convey my glory, som

September 04, 2020 - The End is Near?

For almost three years I've been attempting to turn my Kawasaki Vulcan S into a long(er) range touring bike. Engine guard with highway pegs, floorboards, Corbin seat, rider backrest, rear fender rack, GPS, hard bags and a tank bag have all been installed and are doing an admirable job. There's just one fly in the ointment however. About 50% of the time on rides of 35 miles plus, the ol' butt just goes numb. A bit painful really. I'll be sending the Corbin seat in shortly for some additional padding to be installed, but in the meantime I just ordered an Airhawk seat cushion which is due to arrive in three days. If the Airhawk works as it's supposed to, all will be well. If the beefed up Cor

September 3, 2020 - Progress, Progress, Progress

Today was a good day. I'm making steady progress readying for the Big Ride to Kansas and parts unknown. I discovered the Evel Knievel and two motorcycle museums that are a definite must-visit, and a few other places I need to research a bit more. Thinking now about doing a bit more Ozark riding that I had originally planned, but we'll see. As I'm unable to get the Corbin seat modified before I depart I ended up ordering an Airhawk cushion for the Vulcan S. Got a REV-B Cruiser R in large at a very low price (eBay) which should be here in a couple days. To add even more comfort to my ride (read less discomfort), I added the Kuryakyn 4357 wrinkle black, ribbed floorboards (and adapter splines

September 2, 2020 - A Day Late and and $5,500 Dollars Short

I've long wanted a Triumph Thunderbird LT. Last month I found a "very affordable" Triumph Thunderbird LT. Excellent condition. Priced at $5,500 and $1,500 under retail book value. Local. The bike is everything I want. Super comfortable riding position and seat, great power, ABS brakes, configured for touring, low miles, and 100 lbs. lighter than anything else in its class. After a month of wishing I could afford the thing decided to pull the trigger and then immediately put the Fat Bob up for sale which should easily bring me $7,500-$8000. I called the dealership and scheduled a test ride the following day (which would have been today). I was excited. I spent yesterday perusing Thunderbird

September 1, 2020 - Five More Must-have Motorcycle Accessories Under $10

The predecessor to this upcoming YouTube video is doing okay (okay for my lil' ol' channel anyhow) with about 90 views a day, so I thought I'd toss up another in the near future. The five stars of the show should be: 1) Motorcycle chain brush 2) Rear fender or seat bungee-style cargo net 3) Blind spot mirrors 4) Protective gel tank pad 5) Motorcycle chain brushbungee-style cargo net All five are readily available and are under $10. If you've ideas for future must-haves under $10, please comment below the video and I'll check them out. Hugs 'n kisses, -Tripp

August 31, 2020 - Was it the War?

I've often wondered why many American motorcycle owners (read Harley owners) disparage all foreign made two-wheelers with British bikes being the primary exception. What is it about British-made bikes that evade your typical Harley rider's wrath, while the bikes constantly sit in their cross-hairs? They do have class, panache and even some "style," but don't some other bikes have these as well? Over a Mexican Coke and breakfast taco, this topic came up about a year ago before a group ride with some local Triumph owners. One fellow there seemed to have a plausible answer to the riddle. He contends that American bikers' attitudes toward other motorcycles are a result of World War II. Britis

August 30, 2020 - Sampson who?

My beard hovers around twelve millimeters in length. I know this because my trimmer attachment reads 12mm. When trimming my beard this attachment is in place. When trimming my neckline, etc., it's removed, leaving the un-governed hair-mowing blades to do their thing. As I trim my neckline more frequently than trimming my beard, the attachment is often left off the trimmer. Many times I've thought how funny it would be if I grabbed the attachment-less trimmer (before completely waking up and coming to my senses) and sent a big swath of beard to purgatory before I had any realization of what I was doing. And then I wonder, "How many swaths would I take to understand what was going on and stop?

August 29, 2020 - Fresh as a Pine Tree

Ahh... The smell of that little pine tree shaped air-freshener. You know, the one that reminds you you're riding in a beater or you should have stopped smoking years ago? Famous for inhabiting convenience store check-outs, our little *ahem* fresh-smelling friends are billed as having an effective half-life of seven weeks swinging from a rear-view mirror. In a scene straight out of "Repo Man," I was gassing up the Vulcan S a few days ago and discovered a treasure trove of these little aromatic beauties laying in a parking spot next to the twenty-five cent, I'll-stop-before-you're-finished, tire pressure hose. The first thought that rattled through my vacuous noggin was, "Wow! I've never seen

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